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FMS II Daniel Rhodes and his ohana were on a staycation at the Waikoloa resort area when his father-in-law Patrick Aiona suffered a heart attack, and his story of all the key people that helped him revive Patrick, specifically off duty FF Ash Kanahele and off duty HPD Officer Rick Neary. Amazing insight into the story of how the event transpired by Patrick and his daughter Heather.
FRS Shawn Watson tells the story of a rescue of stranded hikers from one of the remote valleys on the Big Island utilizing Chopper 1 piloted by Pilot Paul Daryl.
Pilot Kalei Gregory and FRS Shawn Watson tell their story of a daring rescue at a popular swim spot called End Of The World in Keauhou using Chopper 2.
Story of FRS Sean Soriano's rescue of a person out of a car that drove into the water at Wailoa boat harbor in Hilo.
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